Where to Find Free Stock Photos?

Websites Offering Free Stock Photos

Need a professional-looking image but don’t have the budget for expensive stock photo houses? To use great imaginary in your online or offline product is essential. If you are looking for some sources of free stock photos we collected some of our favourites.

 These are great collections to search for high resolution images for your web or print product. But don’t forget to check the copyright information of the image you’ve selected. There might be some restrictions…

Where to Find Free Stock Photos?

Creative Commons

You can find free to use (some right reserved) images from Google, Yahoo, Flickr. CreativeCommons is a nonprofit free to use search tool.

Morgue File

Using its own specially-adapted morgueFile Free License, this site offers free commercially usable and remixable high resolution digital stock photography without any attribution requirement so long as you don’t claim ownership or resell unaltered works as is.


SXC is a community of photographers who share their work free of charge for use as stock imagery. Grab some shots from here, share your own, and chat with other photographers in the community forum.


PhotoExpress offers free account with limited number of downloads per day. High resolution pictures and a great collection to search from.


Everystockphoto also allows you to rate, tag, collect and comment on photos. Source and licensing information for each image is available on the search results pages below the photo.

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