Website Redesign – Is it time?

Do you feel that your website is outdated? It has been years that you upgraded your website? Your website doesn’t bring as much revenue as you expected? Do you want to follow the newest trends? Think about  a website redesign!

It’s time to ReVamp Your Website!

Reasons for a Website Redesign:

Usually it’s recommended to upgrade your website yearly. For the search engines the consistent updates and the site popularity are essential. You can still keep the overall feel of your current website, with some small enhancements, usability improvements you can achieve magic!

Look at your competitors website… does it grab more attention than yours? Does it make better impressions or lead to more sales? If your answer is yes, you should consider implementing the latest online technologies to improve the efficiency of your online presence.

Other possible reasons to consider revamp or redesign is when your current website has usability difficulties: content is not properly organised, the website  is hard to navigate, the important message gets lost in the haystack.

The Process Your Website Redesign:

1. Information gathering about your business/industry/competitors/marketing strategy

2. In-depth evaluation of your current website.

3. Recommendations of cost-effective improvements.

4. Let’s proceed with the revamp process.

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