Vector Graphics & Vector Designs

Vector graphics – vectorised design solutions from simple drawings, logos, portraits to complex artworks.

The Vector Advantage…

Vector designs, Vectorisation


Why would you need vector graphics? The options are endless probably it wouldn’t even fit here… With vector images your design can be scaled without loss of quality indefinitely. You will be able to print the vector designs in any size you wish.

Vector images are easy to recolour, modify and use for many different media online or offline. The size of the vector files are usually significantly smaller than the raster images.

Scenarios When You Truly Need Vector Designs…

  • You can’t find your original logo files – without your logo in vector format you will have difficulties to produce any of your corporate identity materials
  • You have a multi purpose design in mind – vector graphics are flexible, and easy to use on both online and printed media
  • Want your portrait drawn as an icon? – then you just send us a photo and we will recreate ‘You’ in vector format. It can be a great present for someone or an eye-catching addition to the company collateral
  • Product Illustrations for websites or brochures – many time ¬†silhouettes or outlines can be a great solution to create patterns, icon sets or illustrations of you products or services
  • You want scalable maps, site maps, building map and so on… – vector graphics can be accurate, precisely in scale but of course designed in an easy to understand and professional way
  • You want Stickers / Labels / Decals – most of these products require to have the artwork in vector format, vectorised graphics are the way to prepare your artwork for vinyl cutting
  • Pop Art Posters – similar to the vector portraits, it can be a great creative addition to your personal or professional space
  • Vectorising ¬†and colorising cartoons and mascots


Obviously, the vector design project will result in vector files which you can download and save in your archive at the end of the project. We also keep record and archive all of our designs, so if you loose it, we can resend it to you. You can pick your preferred format but usually we send the file in .eps, .ai or .pdf.

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