Logo Design – Brand Identity

Logo design – the first step when it comes to building your brand.

A Brand that Reflects Who You Are

logo design

Your logo is a unique identifier which makes your company different from your competitors. A good logo design describes your services and your company in a unique, meaningful and memorable manner.

You want your targeted customers to associate your brand / products / services with your logotype.

A well designed unique and relevant logo design will be timeless, it will stay with you during your company’s life cycle that’s why designPINK puts a high attention to create the prefect solutions for you.

Beautiful, Unique and Versatile Logo Designs

A great logo helps you to stand out from the masses visually. Having a professional logo is a powerful tool helping you distant yourself from your competition and providing easy recognition. Our logo design and branding solutions are perfect for startup or existing businesses.

Image is Everything – Our Designs Are…

  • Simple: A simple logo designs are often easier recognised and more effective
  • Versatile: An effective logo should work across a variety in mediums, work in colour or black and white or even reverse, printed in large or small or even used as a social media avatar
  • Timeless: Where your brand identity is concerned longevity is the key
  • Memorable: Distinctive design what will set you apart from your competitors

First Steps to Establish a Successful Brand…

All of our design process start with the creative briefing, which helps us to understand your company, your goals and your customers. Once we get all the necessary details the creative work takes place.

We design several unique logo solutions in black and white. After one logo is selected we create the variations based on your feedback and colour your logo.

At the end of the job we provide the logo design files in high resolution (including EPS, JPG, PNG, PDF versions).

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