QR Codes Revealed

QR Codes

What is QR Code?

“A QR code (short for Quick Response) is a specific matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code), readable by dedicated QR barcode readers and camera phones. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. The information encoded can be text, URL or other data.” – Wikipedia

Who Can Use QR Codes?

Basically anyone, who has a mobile phone with camera. By scanning the codes you can access, images websites and text, code and much more. You just need to install a code reader on your mobile and you are ready to take advantage of QR Codes.

Add them to any print advertising, flyers, posters, invites, TV ads to use it for promotions, vouchers, registration, advertising simply providing additional information  for example:

  • Product details
  • Contact details
  • Offer details
  • Event details
  • Competition details
  • A coupon
  • Twitter, Facebook, MySpace IDs
  • A link to your YouTube video
  • A link to you website

Can it be customised?

QR CodesYes! It can be easily customised to match your branding colours. You can even include your logo or other symbols. Of course, more information it contains more complex the QR code becomes and you have less freedom for customisation. But changing the colours to match your corporate branding is the easiest way to make them unique. The recommended minimum size is 32mm x 32mm although you could make it smaller, just don’t forget to test it before you launch your campaign.

If you need assistance with customising your QR Codes, we are happy to help, just send us an email. 

Free Online QR Code Generators and what they can do

Google QR Code Api – With the help of Google’s Api you can integrate easily to your web applications e.g. online proposals, invoices

ZXing Project – Calendar event, Contact information, Email address, Geo location, Phone number, SMS, Text, URL, WiFi network.

BeQRious – URL, Email address, Phone number, Text, Contact information, SMS, YouTube, Services, Graphical (to put an image into your QR code for a URL),Google Maps.

Delivr – URL, Services (such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, etc.), Google Maps, Contact information, Email address, Phone number, SMS to phone number, SMS to short code, Text, RSS feed

Azonmedia – Text, URL, Phone number, SMS, Email address, Email message, Contact details (vCard & meCard), Google Maps( location search is available), Social networks (such as Facebook, Twitter, Delicious and some other services).

Maestro – Phone number, SMS, Google Maps (location search is available, URL, Contact information (MeCard, BlackBerry Pin and BlackBerry vCard), Text (RAW), App Store (for Apple, BlackBerry, Android or customized), Calendar event (vCal).

goQR.me – Text, URL, Phone number, SMS, vCard.

Mobile-Barcodes – URL, vCard, Text, Phone number, SMS, Email address

KAYWA – URL, Text, Phone number, SMS.

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