Domain Name Tips – How to Choose?

Domain Name Tips – Choose your Domain Name Wisely

It’s always a big dilemma for new companies when it comes to the question “which is the best domain name to purchase?”. It’s not that later you can not buy an other one (if it’s still available) but what about the printed letterheads, business cards and other marketing materials – it’s not that easy to replace those. To make your decisions we collected some great advice about how to choose your domain name wisely.

Domain name after your business name

This is always the most convenient option. If someone is looking for your company on the world wide web this would be their first choice. Also, you don’t want other companies to purchase the domain name which is equivalent with your business name, that might mislead your potential customers.

Is it already taken?

In some cases the domain name is already registered, you can try to buy over the domain name from the existing owner. Use service to collect information about the domain owner, you can find the contact information, ask if they are willing to sell. The price you will get is possibly much higher than usual; it’s your choice to consider the purchase or just simply move on to another option.

Consider the length

Maximum length for the domain name is 67 characters… If you have a long business name, you can use your full name in your selection or just settle with the initials or short version. You should consider that which one is easier to memorise, easier to type, especially that your email addresses most probably will have the same ending: If your company name is too difficult to spell or longer than usual, you should consider a shorter option.

What about the hyphens “-“?

If it’s possible, avoid hyphens, but if you don’t have other choice it might be a good alternative. Consider that your domain name should be easy to remember. If it’s necessary to include hyphens use it wisely.

.com vs

Consider your market – if it’s local choose the localised or country-specific version. ┬áIf your business is global or there is a chance it might go global in the future purchase both.

Are you ready to register your domain name?

If you need further help to make the right decision we are here to help, contact us!

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