Basic SEO Tips

To attract more visitors to your website is essential to have a successful online marketing strategy. With so little of effort you could generate revenue from your online presence. Read our basic SEO Tips to make your website more successful.

There are millions of articles online about Search Engine Optimization, but it’s hard to find an all in one guide. We’ve collected some useful SEO tips you should consider to get higher ranking in the search engines, to figure out how the search engines work and what people they search for.

SEO Tips: Importance of Links

One of the factors Google uses to determine the popularity of your website are the links. Before all the incoming links had equal weight, but nowadays it’s quite different.

  • Higher the links are on the webpage produces higher ranking; links higher up in the HTML code of a page seem to pass more ranking ability/value than those lower down.
  • External links are more important than internal ones, it seems to be more important what other’s have to say about you than what you say about yourself. Considering the extrenal links your should think about the fact that search engines appear to value the domain diversity as well.
  • Links inside relevant content blocks may pass more value than those from less contectually useful areas of the page. For example links in the footer or a sidebar of a webpage has less value than inside the unique page content.
  • Keywords in html text has higher importance than the ones in captions, Alt tags of picture etc.
  • Links from more valuable domains has higher effect on your page ranking.

SEO Tips: How to Get Incoming Links

  • Cross link websites that you own
  • Write reviews
  • Promote content on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN )
  • Submit Blog & RSS Feed to Directories
  • Advertise on search friendly sites
  • Create whitepapers or ebook
  • Exchange links with business partners
  • Wrtie quest posts on other blogs
  • Optimize press releases
  • Social bookmark your content
  • Submit digital assets on other website (e.g video on Vimeo or YouTube)

SEO Tips: Pick the Correct Keywords

In order to frive relevant traffic to your website you need to choose the right queries. Selecting the right keyword is essential to your site’s performance in the search results.

you need quality traffic on your site so avoid picking general keywords whic has an enourmos competition and most likely your site will get lost in the result pages. Try to find specific keywords which are relevant to your business. You should think like the seacher, what would your customers look for? – try to specify long queries which would describe best your business. In this case it’s highly possible that you drive more targeted traffic and it will help you turn your visitor into prospective business client.

Some tips to pick the correct keyword

  • Brainstorm based on the solutions your products/services give and your customer’s needs
  • Figure out the most relevant concept for the buying cycle
  • Review your current position and referring search traffic
  • Review compeitior website content

SEO Tips: Don’t Forget The Content

Avoid unreachable content

If your page titles are hard-coded into your website or you use images instead of readable text the data won’t be visible, which is a huge disadvantage. Some websites uses Ajax of Flash in navigation items which makes the crawlers jog more difficult ( in some cases impossible ) to reach the subpages of your website.

Publish new content regularly

Each new subpage, which is optimized and included in the searh engines can serve as a potential entry point for your customers to your website. But keep in mind that firstly you should optimize your content to your customers and than to your seach engines not just add more content to increase a particular keyword frequency on your website.

The content without keyword optimization won’t achieve the result your are looking for.

Don’t forget to inlcude the keywords in the title tags, headings, paragraph titles and image alt text and in the links between pages.

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